Capital Raising, Mergers and Acquisitions

Some Of The Best Capital Raising And Merger Services In The Industry

KCR is a business partner of “Poalim Capital Markets”, a subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s largest financial group. PCM provides a variety of international and national investment banking services, advising on M&A transactions, structuring private equity funds, and leading the local underwriting market.

One of the possible solutions offered by the KCR team to a company which requires rehabilitation, recovery or improvement, is locating a business or financial partner, or merging activities with a complementary business.

Mergers and acquisitions are a complex process which requires expertise and experience. “Poalim Capital Markets” was established in 1990 and specializes in accompanying transactions of mergers, acquisitions, private and public investments, complex financing, financial closings as well as various types of capital raising. The professional team in the company includes experts in the capital market and finances alongside area leaders with professional background and vast experience. Among its clients are private and public companies, from Israel and abroad, which enjoy support in performing transactions vis-a-vis investment funds, hedge funds, institutional investment bodies, specialized funds, various companies and private investors.


The Concept Of Providing Capital Raising And Merger Services

The process of diagnosis and consultation given at KCR are based on an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the company and are accompanied by detailed conclusions and recommendation documents, on the basis of which the company issues, inter alia, a detailed value estimation and an improvement plan.

As part of the basket of services and solutions, we examine the option of raising capital for the company in favor of implementing operative recommendations in the framework of a recovery and improvement plan, or performing processes of merger, sale or acquisition of assets and activities.

Finding the solutions and their actual implementation requires a number of key components:

  •  A deep understanding of the company stemming from a holistic analysis of operational, economic and structural aspects.
  • A deep understanding of the business and regulatory environment in which the company operates.
  • A wide and exclusive net of private and institutional investors, which enables creating unique opportunities.
  • Proven experience of many years, which accompanies the actual ability to follow through with a process of merger and acquisition.

The Process And The Skill

Within the framework of the cooperation between KCR and PCM we appoint a team of experts, from both companies, who accompany the process from any possible aspect. The experienced team meets with the representatives of the client and ensures involvement and transparency in the work throughout the entire process.

Following is an example for a number of stages in a typical consultation process:

  • First stage: a joint acquaintance meeting in order to understand the needs of the company and an initial agreement regarding the layout of the cooperation between the parties.
  • Second stage: analyzing the needs of the company, there slumming a financial analysis including the expected cash flow, structural and operational analysis, and formulating a value estimate in accordance with a variety of methods which are acceptable in the industry.
  • Third stage: examining various alternatives and the feasibility of different transactions, and afterwards formulating an action strategy and the recommended possible layout.
  • Fourth stage: locating potential partners and/or investors
  • Fifth stage: providing ongoing support during the negotiation stages until completing the transaction.
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