About Us


KCR deals in Corporate Recovery and Business Improvement and its goal is to stabilize or improve companies which have encountered a crisis or which require immediate assistance. The company’s uniqueness is in operating an intervention team of experts from different areas. The team focuses on analyzing the company’s state quickly and on the actual implementation of effective processes to improve the company’s condition.

The premise during processes of rehabilitation or improvement, is that there is a way of action to improve the situation. This way is sometimes unseen by the shareholders and managers who actually hold the company’s reins.

KCR is skilled in creating trend changes in different areas, such as: cash flow, handling crises as a result of managerial deadlock, resolving disputes of interested parties, formulating debt arrangements, handling the company’s credit mechanisms as well as rebuilding trust with the different parties on which the company’s future relies, such as: the banking system, suppliers, creditors, employees and clients.

The company incorporated in 1999 by Avi Kaminsky and is managed by him, while he provides his vast experience, the tools, knowledge, and the ability of operating in corporate recovery.



A number of principles guide us as KCR and constitute a foundation for the way we operate and our conduct as a company and as professionals:professionalism, transparency and cooperation, discreteness, and a social mission.

The principle of professionalism is expressed in the personal capability and commitment of each member of the KCR team who is carefully selected, for the client’s success and for providing the best service for the client. We provide the client with a combination of practical and rich professional experience, attention and fast response capabilities.

Transparency and cooperation are, in our eyes, the secret sauce for creating sustainable change for clients. KCR’s job is to create updated and reliable information for the company’s interested parties, while building trust, transparency and healthy and effective cooperation with key persons in the company.

Discreteness is a necessary condition for creating the trust required for our activity, as a company specializing in corporate recovery and rehabilitation. We take part in serious tasks, which often constitute the life’s work of businessmen and managers. We are aware, from the first moment, of the responsibility on our shoulders in keeping their privacy and loyalty to their and the company’s interests. The trust given to us from our clients, is one of the crucial factors in KCR’s ability to create material and beneficial change.

Social mission is an inseparable part of the company’s ethos. In the background of our activity, which is often focused on promoting companies on the financial level, there is always the knowledge that we affect people’s lives. We constitute a significant part of keeping the workplaces of the company’s employees. The operational concept we have as a company always has the social and human consideration at the basis of our decision-making process.



KCR has proven ability to recover companies, under a wide range of crises junctions and in any required area: special expertise in stabilizing, recovering and improving companies in cash-flow difficulties: handling burn rates; handling crises as a result of managerial deadlocks; resolving disputes of interested parties; stabilizing companies in receivership and stay of proceedings; handling crises vis-à-vis creditors, suppliers and clients; managing companies in a legal proceeding or under a receiver/liquidator and a host of other unpredictable situations.

The company has practical experience in varied industries: real-estate; infrastructure; marketing and retail networks; journalism and publishing; services; media and publishing; technology; consumables; industry; hospitality and hoteliery and more.