Kaminski Corporate recoverY

KCR deals in corporate recovery and business improvement. Our clients are companies which have encountered a crisis or companies interested in improving their business performance. KCR operates a team of experts whose job it is to stabilize and accompany these companies.

Kaminski Corporate recoverY

KCR deals in corporate recovery and business improvement. Our clients are companies which have encountered a crisis or companies interested in improving their business performance. KCR operates a team of experts whose job it is to stabilize and accompany these companies.

Expertise in Corporate Recovery and Business Improvement

KCR has been operating since 1999 in the field of corporate recovery and business improvement. The company operates an elite team of experts in different areas. KCR has proven ability in recovering companies facing a wide range of crises.

The company has proven ability to recover companies, under a wide range of crises and in any required area: special expertise in stabilizing, recovering and improving companies in cash-flow difficulties: handling burn rates; handling crises as a result of managerial deadlock; resolving disputes of interested parties; stabilizing companies in receivership and stay of proceedings; handling crises vis-à-vis creditors, suppliers and clients; managing companies in a legal proceeding or under a receiver/liquidator and a host of other unpredictable situations.

Our company has comprehensive experience, proven ability to work under intense conditions and face complex issues; financial, structural-operational, funding and legal. Working with KCR is done in complete discreteness.

The services we offer

Business Diagnosis and Analysis

The business information available to the company managers can sometimes be misleading. Using business diagnosis, our clients receive an updated, accurate and reliable situation report in a short period of time, including initial recommendations for short-term and long-term improvement and change. Our clients enjoy a broad and comprehensive view and receive active business accompaniment and ongoing support even after providing the conclusions and the recommendations.

Corporate Recovery and Company Recovery

Recovery of a company in crisis requires different managerial capabilities than those utilized during “routine” times; it requires immediate intervention in order to effectively overcome the crisis. The team performs a financial survey, formulates a recovery plan and provides ongoing business support in order to implement it. Fast decision-making is required, based on current data, while referring to operational, business, financial, legal and sometimes personal considerations.

Business Improvement

Business improvement leads to optimally utilizing the potential of an active business and bringing it to profitability and peak efficiency. It enables managing the business in its new state continuously and without outside support.
The KCR team performs in-depth analysis and close follow-up using business and financial diagnosis, formulates an improvement and effectiveness plan and provides ongoing business support to implement the improvement plan. At the end of the process, the reins are handed over back to company managers.

Fund raising, Mergers and Acquisitions

KCR has a partnership with “Migdal Investment Banking” of the “Migdal Capital Market Group”. We provide our clients with banking services for investments, such as: mergers and acquisitions, locating investors and business partners, issuing management, financing from institutional and private bodies, planning financial products, fund raising, distributing securities and more.

Stay of Proceedings and Insolvency

During a stay of proceedings the KCR team quickly works on finding immediate streamlining solutions, in order to stabilize the company and maximize its profits during the deadlock. In a complex and proven process, we will perform in-depth examination and analysis to create an action plan, we will work in full cooperation with the trustee vis-à-vis the company managers and key persons, while providing ongoing operational, managerial, economic and financial support.

Legal and Business Framework

In light of the new insolvency law, actions performed by a company in difficulties might expose the company and its decision makers to legal risks. KCR has partnered with the law firm Herzog, Fox, Neeman & Co. (HFN) and together we provide a service umbrella which includes services such as legal and business surveys to reveal legal exposure and financial risks within the framework of a recovery plan or improvement.

Why Should You Choose KCR?

KCR has a proven ability in company recovery and improvement. We have vast experience in varied areas: real-estate; infrastructure; marketing and retail networks; journalism and publishing; services; media and publishing; technology; consumables; industry; hospitality and hoteliery and more. KCR is unique in creating trend changes, and operating a team of experts in different areas. The team focuses on analyzing the company's condition quickly and implementing efficient moves to improve the company’s situation.
Our guiding principles constitute a foundation for the way we act, as we employ professionalism, transparency, cooperation, discreteness, and a social mission.


Company recovery and betterment is a profession based on knowledge and experience. KCR has a team of experts who has accumulated many years in company recovery and improvement, while combining skills including knowledge in the financial, operational and legal world.

Availability and Discreteness

The KCR team of experts works in full, immediate and personal cooperation with the key persons in the company. 1st and foremost, we take care of the interests of the company and the shareholders. The KCR team is skilled in keeping internal and external discreteness in the organization.


We are aware of the heavy responsibility on our shoulders and the social and human considerations included in our work. We view our work as a business, personal, financial and social mission.

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